Thursday, December 27, 2012

Celebrities Natural Haircolors!

Ok, I hate Kristin Stewart, but she qualifies....

-  Natural Strawberry Blonde

- natural Brunette

- Blonde! Much Prefer the Blair hair.

- Auburn

- Blonde! But like her hair any color

- Brunette, and Ashley Simpson is a blonde naturally. weird, huh?

- Dirty Blonde, never would've thought...

- Blonde, rocks both, But Prefer the Red

- Dirty Blonde, prefer the dark brown

- Mocha. Prefer her with lighter hair...

What are your thoughts gals?

Much Love,

Avg Girl

Say Goodbye to the bad fashion of 2012

Fringe Shorts - Honestly. Someone needs to get fired for thinking of this...

Chanel Hula Hoop bag, usually their bags make us drool, but this one is a head scratcher.....
chanel purse, fashion that …

These 'killer' shoes


This odd little cardigan

Dolce and Gabbana crocheted purse, wasn't his from Rosanne? ;)


Christian Louboutin 20th anniversary Isolde heel, i actually kinda like it... even though it's over the top


Chromat pentagram swimsuit, imagine having to go to the bathroom... mm...yikes! lol


Oak's Indigo Skinny Drop Jeans


Sazzi Decimal Sandals


Coverbee Diamond Laptop Case, $11M, say what?


Minnie Mouse's Extreme Makeover for Barney's NY


Chanel Shell Clutch

Jean Flops, what the hell is this? lol


Ancien Regime Flare Pants


Marc Jacobs Transparent Pump


Post Poo Drops, The French fashion brand aimed to help shoppers maintain their image of perfection with odor-absolving toilet drops. We're shocked the fashion elite even admit they go #2.


Tom Ford Skunk Clutch

Rebel Heels by Prada and Christian Louboutin


Vintage Denim Potpourri and Leather Purse


High Perspex Brogues


Proenza Schouler Akira bag, apparently it's a gym bag, and made out of fur. WTH?


What do you think of these products?

Much Love,

Avg Girl

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hey gals!

Great websites for you to check out!

First one great site for cheap, adorable fashion! I'm a frequent visitor, prepare to save money!

Second,   it's a little more pricey but still great items!

Third, super cute clothes for great prices!

Fourth, is more expensive for a more vintage feel

5, is a favorite of mine! more reasonable prices for vintage-type pieces.



8,   more expensive but uber cute!



11)  which has everything opening you up to new things you would've never heard of before or known where to get, right at your fingertips!

Let me know what you think of them!

Much Love,

Avg Girl

(sorry, not my regular thing but had to share those!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hair Trend of the Holiday Season: Retro Rolled Hairstyles

Below are the most recent sightings of this returned, elegant style. My favorite is Keira Knightley's, it looks so great.




Much love,

Avg Girl

Ay, she dunza!

I'm sure you all remember that phrase from The Princess & the frog, this time I couldn't think of anything else to describe miley cutting her hair even shorter! Girl, it was a disaster the first time, why do it again? and it's not even flattering, check out these pics

miley-cyrus-shorter-haircut-bd.jpg  1120-miley-cyrus-short-haircut-side-bd.jpg

Maybe she's turning dyke and well.... bye-bye Caveman Liam.

Thoughts on her 'do?

Much Love,

Avg Girl

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Julia Roberts!

This iconic woman turns 45 today! So to celebrate her I have brought you her looks throughout the years, and on the other blog is Mirror Mirror.

Julia Roberts' Changing Looks: Year by Year 1988, at 21

1989 1989

1990 1990

1991 1991

1992 1992

1993 1993

1994 1994

1995 1995, don't you just love her hair here?? I do!

1996 1996

1997 1997

1998 1998, at 30

1999 1999, what a great photo!

2000 2000

2001 2001

2002 2002

2003 2003

2004 2004

2005 2005

2006 2006

2007 2007

2008 2008

2009 2009

2010 2010

2011 2011

2012 2012

Such a great actress! What's your favorite role she has done?
Mine is either as queen in Mirror Mirror, or Vivian in Pretty Woman.

Much Love,

Avg Girl