Monday, August 27, 2012

15 new things to do with your hair sent this out in an email and well, I love these ideas!
Especially this top one!
 Get Candy-Colored!

 Braid your bun
 Hike up your ponytail
 Blunt Bangs
 Chop it all of
 Try finger curls
 Try Extensions
 Go red! or any color
 Switch your part
 Cut Layers
 Make a Faux-Hawk
 Barely there waves
 Exaggerate your ombre
 pump up the volume!

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Part 2: Gaining Confidence

10 ways to instantly build confidence:

Dress sharp: Clothes don't make you, but they sure do up your spirits, depending on what you wear. Don't dress for someone else because you are they one who has to live with it and be conscious about it. When you don't feel/look your best it shows in how you carry yourself and interact with people. Use this to your advantage by taking care of your appearance.

A great rule to follow when shopping is "Spend twice as much, spend half as much." Rather than buying tons of cheap clothes, buy half as many high-quality items. In this long run it saves money, because expensive clothes last longer and stay in fashion for much longer. Buying less also helps reduce closet clutter.

Walk Faster: One of the easiest ways to tell  how people feel is by their walk. Is it slow? Tired? Painful? Or energetic and purposeful? Confident people walk fast: They have places to go, people to see, and important work to do. Even if you're not in a hurry, you can still put some pep in your step to boost your confidence.

Good Posture: People with slumped shoulders and lethargic movements show a lack of self-confidence. They aren't excited about what they are doing and don't feel important. By practicing good posture, you'll automatically feel more confident. Stand up straight, keep your head up, and make eye contact. You will be perceived more positively and instantly feel more alert and empowered.

Personal Commercial: One of the best ways to build confidence is to listen to a motivational speech. However, those opportunities aren't very often, so give yourself a 30 or 60 second speech highlighting your strengths and goals. Then recite it in a mirror, or in your head whenever you need the extra boost.

Gratitude: Focusing too much on what you really want automatically makes your mind go crazy with why you can't have it which leads you to dwell on your weaknesses. The best way to avoid this is to constantly focus on gratitude. Each day set aside time to make a list (even if it's mental), of everything you are grateful for. Recall your past successes, skills, loving relationships, and positive momentum. In the process you will become well-liked and gain self-confidence. By looking for the best in others, you indirectly bring out the best in yourself.

Sit in the front row: Yes, I know, the back row is where most people try to sit, but most do that because they are afraid to be noticed. By sitting in the front row you will get over this irrational fear and build your self-confidence. You will also be more visible to the important people at the front of the room.

Speak Up: During group discussions some people don't speak up for fear of sounding stupid. This is a silly fear, for most people are much more accepting than we imagine. In fact, most people are dealing with the same fear. By making more efforts to speak up you will gain more confidence in your thoughts, be seen as a leader by your peers, and become a better public speaker.

Work Out: The best way to feel great is to be happy with how you look, in my experience at least. If you are  out of shape then you feel insecure, lethargic, and less attractive. By working out you have more energy, you look better, feel better, and can accomplish something positive. Having the discipline to work out not only makes you feel better, it creates positive momentum you can build on the rest of the day.

Contribute: Too often we focus on our own desires, and ourselves rather than on others. If you stop thinking of yourself and concentrate on the contribution you are making to the rest of the world, you focus less on your flaws. This will increase your self-confidence and allow you to contribute with maximum efficiency. The more you contribute to the world, the more you'll be rewarded with personal success and recognition.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trend On: Braid Accents

These looks have been featured on Runways, and are really quite beautiful. Definitely something to try.

Rachel Zoe Fall 2012 Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2012 Emilio Pucci Fendi Fall 2012 Suno Marchesa Fall 2012

Here are non-runway applications:


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8 Most beautiful Fall Make-Up Colors... according to allure magazine

Those of you like me, who happen to rock the reds in lipcolors are in luck with the first one.

1) Black Cherry Lips - These have been seen all over fall fashion runways, but to get this look just right you need to follow a few steps.

  • Start with a matching lip liner to keep the lipstick from smudging, fading unevenly, and bleeding. 
  • To ensure clean edges: paint on creamy lipstick with a stiff brush 
  • Amp up the intensity by adding layers.
  • To avoid looking washed out, don't forget blush!
To recreate this look try these:
  • 1) Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipcolor in Plum Perfect.
  • 2) Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Crimson.

 1. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipcolor in Plum Perfect AND 2. Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Crimson

2) Disco Black Eye-Shadow - Adding sparkle takes this look from goth to glam.
         You have two options here:

  • Dust it all over your lids
  • Trace it along your lower and upper lashes using a small stiff brush. 
Yes, most glittery eye-shadows of yesteryear shed and well, it's messy, just leave it at that. But make sure to pick up some new-generation creams and powders - the glide on easily, easy to blend, and stay on for hours.
  • 1. CoverGirl Smoky ShadowBlast in Onyx Smoke AND 2. MAC Velvet Eye Shadow in Black Tied 
  • 1) Covergirl Smoky Shadow Blast in Onyx Smoke
  • 2) M.A.C. Velvet Eye Shadow in Black Tied

Remember those days when it was dorky to match your blush to your lips? Different times have approached and now it's dead sexy! For crimson at least. You can choose any variety of red though to achieve the  "apres-ski" effect. As make-up artist Dick Page described it at the Michael Kors fall 2012 show, "all you need is a good blush brush and a bit of confidence." You can always tone it down - a drop of luminizer layered over your blush instantly tones down the fiery hue. 

To recreate here are two great products to do so:
1. Revlon PhotoReady Blush in Coral Reef AND 2. Dolce & Gabbana Lipstick in Italian Monica
  • Revlon PhotoReady Blush in Coral Reef
  • Dolce and Gabbana Lipstick in Italian Monica
4) Raspberry Lips - It's more demure than the electric pinks of seasons past. Sex it up by adding a dab of clear gloss in the center of your lips, looking juicy, not superglossy. 
1. Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in Rosetto AND 2. 29 Cosmetics Grape Seed Age Protecting Lipstick in Sinfully Zin
  •  Shu Uemara Rouge Unlimited in Rosetto
  •  29 Cosmetics Grape Seed Age Protecting Lipstick in Sinfully Zin 
5) Inky Black Shadow - Dramatic Cat Eyes are the season's sexiest look and only requires one product: Matte black  eye shadow (stock up, because it takes alot). Wearing it with a wing seems to be a favorite and is seen everywhere, I have even adopted it. One Caveat: it get's messy. To keep it tide draw a light line of the shape you want in black eyeliner, then fill it in with powder. Use a cotton swab to blur the edges. 
1. L'Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Eye Shadow Single in Lush Raven AND 2. Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow Crayon in OE
  • L'O'REAL Paris Studio Secrets Professional Eye Shadow Single in Lush Raven. 
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow Crayon Shadow Crayon inn OE
6) Matte Mauve All-Over - When worn softly and monochromatically it's right on this fall. Page, a make-up artist, recommends putting it just below the cheekbones with shimmery pink blush on the apples. and Topping the look off with mauve lipstick, a rose gloss, and mascara. 
 1. Estée Lauder Pure Color EyeShadow in Provocative Plum AND 2. Lancôme Color Design Sensation Effects Eye Shadow in Sultry Mauve Matte 
  • Estee Lauder Pure Color Eye Shadow in Provocative Plum. 
  • Lancome Color Design Sensation Effects Eye Shadow in Sultry Mauve Matte
7) Green and Gold Shadows - Unlike bright greens or pastel mint, dark green is superflattering on all skin tones.  It's as versatile as grey and brown, but much cooler. Look for a golden moss shade with a slight shimmery finish, and pair it with a warm gold for a rich combination. Brush the golden eye-shadow over the entire lid , then the green one over the crease and along the lower lash line. Finish with neutral lips and cheeks. 
1. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Marbleized Eyeshadow in Ivy Icon AND 2. Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadow in Riches 
  • Maybelline New York Eye Studio Marbleized Eyeshadow in Ivy Icon.
  • Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadow in Riches
8) Silver and Purple Shadows - When worn together, they make a cool combo that's like colorblocking your eyes. Brush lavender (choose one that's more blue than red) over your lids and sweep silver under your lower lashes. Feeling Flashy? Just line your top lid with purple and try silver all over your lids, alternating the two colors until you reach your brows. Whatever you do, make sure you apply it precisely.
1. Lancôme Color Design Eyeshadow in Style Section Metallic AND 2. Avon Smooth Minerals Eyeshadow in Enchanted Lilac
  • Lancome Color Design Eyeshadow in Style Section Metallic
  • Avon Smooth Minerals Eyeshadow in Enchanted Lilac
What's your favorite?

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Watching SNL inspired me here, we will still have the 2nd part to what I started yesterday, it will just be later today.

Rob Lowe   Ian Somerhalder

Elijah Wood    Daniel Radcliffe
Zooey Deschanel  Katy Perry
Jennifer Garner  Hilary Swank
Ashley Tisdale  Brittany Murphy
Nina Dobrev  Victoria Justice
Joseph Gordon Levitt  Heath Ledger
Renee Zellweger  Joey Laurence
Reese Witherspoon  Alexis Bledel (eh...)
Kesha  Blake lively
Kesha  Ashley Tisdale
You know this one!  MK an Ashley
Chad Smith  Will Ferrell

Alexis Bledel   Emily Blunt
Tina Fey  Sarah Palin..... DUH!

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