Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hair Trend of the Holiday Season: Retro Rolled Hairstyles

Below are the most recent sightings of this returned, elegant style. My favorite is Keira Knightley's, it looks so great.




Much love,

Avg Girl

Ay, she dunza!

I'm sure you all remember that phrase from The Princess & the frog, this time I couldn't think of anything else to describe miley cutting her hair even shorter! Girl, it was a disaster the first time, why do it again? and it's not even flattering, check out these pics

miley-cyrus-shorter-haircut-bd.jpg  1120-miley-cyrus-short-haircut-side-bd.jpg

Maybe she's turning dyke and well.... bye-bye Caveman Liam.

Thoughts on her 'do?

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Avg Girl