Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Again sorry it's been a while

Things have been super crazy, family came to town, and just things with the baby, and just, life is great over here :)

I know I have already posted about red hair, and who i think wears it great! But Cosmo sent out a new list, and some didn't make our list, so it's my duty to share more ideas for you.

anna Kendrick Anna Kendrick
jennifer lawrence Jennifer Lawrence
christa b allen Christa B. Allen
isla Isla Fisher
 Jessica Chastain
 Amy Adams
 Bryce Dallas Howard
 Christina Hendricks
 Jayma Mays
 Alexandra Breckenridge
 Hayley Williams

Ok, so only 2 of those were on my list. But honestly I'm not too crazy about the ones I left off, except Jayma though, and tiny tiny bit, Amy Adams.

Much Love,

Avg Girl

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