Thursday, August 23, 2012


Watching SNL inspired me here, we will still have the 2nd part to what I started yesterday, it will just be later today.

Rob Lowe   Ian Somerhalder

Elijah Wood    Daniel Radcliffe
Zooey Deschanel  Katy Perry
Jennifer Garner  Hilary Swank
Ashley Tisdale  Brittany Murphy
Nina Dobrev  Victoria Justice
Joseph Gordon Levitt  Heath Ledger
Renee Zellweger  Joey Laurence
Reese Witherspoon  Alexis Bledel (eh...)
Kesha  Blake lively
Kesha  Ashley Tisdale
You know this one!  MK an Ashley
Chad Smith  Will Ferrell

Alexis Bledel   Emily Blunt
Tina Fey  Sarah Palin..... DUH!

Much Love,

Avg Girl

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